Monday, April 27, 2009

From the land of the long white cloud to the land of the rising sun

So yes! i have arrived safely here in japan and all is well....The first few days were spent at an orientation in Tokyo. It was awesome and i had a great time, Im glad i could talk with all the friends i made but had never met in 3D. I took lots of photos with my friends, but i hope to get a new camera before i go to DISNEYLAND NEXT WEEK! YES! I did say disneyland!

My AFS chapter here seem really nice and i have made friends with the other AFS student in Tochigi. So far we have had an arrival orientation, a (super easy) Japanese lesson, a tour around Utsunomiya and gone to a department store together. Yesterday at the department store i bought the book "One Litre of Tears" its all in Japanese and the Kanji is hard, but it is my goal that i want to be able to read it before i return to NZ.

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