Monday, December 7, 2009

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Arriving in Turkey

Flying for ten and a half hours with a short three hour stop in Singapore for shopping before flying another thirteen and a half hours, I finally landed safely at Istanbul airport. It was 7:30 on Sunday morning, I was extremely excited to meet Aytuna and her family but also very, very tired from the long trip.

After having some breakfast at Aytuna's aunts apartment Aytuna and her father showed me the amazing sites of Istanbul. We visited places like the Galata Kulesi which from the top had an amazing view of the city and Bosporus, Yeni Cami an incredible Mosque in the middle of town and markets that sold the most amazing, delicious Turkish foods like breads, spices and turkish delight.

In the afternoon we travelled on a boat up the Bosporus where there were stunning buildings on the waters edge and some dolphins that played in the water beside us. After an hour and half on the water we returned to Aytuna's aunts for dinner and a quick sleep before catching a bus at one o'clock on the Monday morning to Canakkale where I will be living for the next six weeks.

We arrived at 7 in the morning and after a shower, breakfast and a look at my new home, we set off for school. I meet Aytuna's friends who thankfully can all speak english and are going to help me learn some turkish during my stay here. After school Aytuna, her friends and I went for a walk to the shops and cafe's where we had something to eat and drink and got to know each other a bit better.

At the moment it is freezing in Canakkale, about four degrees over night and not much warmer during the day so I am hoping that over the next few weeks it will get a bit warmer. Looking forward to school tomorrow as there are celebrations for 18 Mart.